Current Line Up (From left to right)

Fivos Andriopoulos (Drums)
Yohanna (Main Vocals)
Lela (Guitar/ Backing Vocals)
Lefteris Christou (Bass)

The Band

Passengers In Panic is a band based in Athens, Greece, which was founded back in December 2019.

Its founding members are none other than the bassist Lefteris Christou, known for his active participation in Greek bands, such as Inactive Messiah and Womb of Maggots, the singer and accordion player Kally Voo, who was also a founding member of Dalkania. Guitarist Lela Argyri from Rocket Queens and drummer Akis Gavalas from Sound of Silence were added to accompany this journey.

The various influences compose a unique sound with progressive and mainly greek, but also more generally balkan traditional elements. The tsampouna (bagpipes), the kaval, the laouto, the violin and of course the daouli create exactly this folk atmosphere, that connects all the pieces together. From the first listening of the songs it is understood that the source of inspiration of this band is the human itself and the situation he experiences every day, such as toxic relationships and people, violence, injustice and students' struggles for their rights and much more, which one discovers by listening to the album. Lyrically, the literary motive was Tim Burton's book "The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy" and a major influence, as the content of the lyrics is about the trauma caused by the enforcement of power to people, the violence, the marginalization of the victim in the present time.

During a difficult period of crisis due to global COVID-19 SARS pandemic, Leap Of Faith was the introduction and the first acquaintance with the material of Passengers In Panic, where it was published in November 2020 in the form of a lyric video. They managed to release their maiden album of the same title one year right after their creation, in December 2020 via Sleaszy Rider Records, where Lefteris Christou and Akis Gavalas had an active and important role in the process of mixing this record. In the part of the composition, Lefteris was the main contributor, all the lyrics and vocal lines were taken over by Kally Voo, while the person in charge of the production was Giannis Manopoulos. This particular traditional sound that gave the final form to the debut album is due to Kostas Fortsas, Christos Charchalakis and Antonis Gerogiannis. Their collaboration with the excellent Greek actor Dimitris Fragioglou was also important, where he gave his own note to the pieces Nakba and Leap Of Faith through his narration. A very important collaboration with another form of art is that with Dimitris Asteriou, a visual artist with his “Bloodshed Portraits” he represented the women in Leap Of Faith.

Their first live had a charitable character and all the proceeds were given to the victims of the catastrophic fires all over Greece and especially in Evia in the summer of 2021 along with Enemy Of Reality and Rock N’ Roll Children (Dio Tribute Band), having as a special guest behind the drums the amazing Eleni Nota, the ex- drummer of brazilian thrash metal band Nervosa.

A short time later in the same year, however, a new era of Passengers In Panic was about to be born. With the realization of internal changes in the line-up, Yohanna (Ioanna Galani) was added to the band's potential as the main vocalist and Foivos Andriopoulos, known for his numerous participations in Greek bands and projects, took over the drums. In 2022 and after changes in the final line-up, the band managed to perform both in various regions of Greece, but also abroad at the Gothoom Open Air Festival in Slovakia, sharing the stage with many bands, such as Kataklysm, Suffocation, Draconian, Memoriam, Moribund Oblivion, Aeonian Sorrow and more.

The band is currently working on new material and is performing live and further announcements will be made by the band at the right time.

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